Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Last Shopping Spree

It is sunny and clear this morning with a 6 a.m. temperature of 6C or 43F. Our day time temperatures are not that warm yet with temperatures ranging between 12C or 55F and 16C or 61F. We should be warmer than that according to statistics.


I worked yesterday and we were run off our feet. People were coming in to buy for new projects as they seem to have finished old ones over the Easter weekend.
At home the Spousal Unit is talking about mulch, mowing lawns, and other outdoor projects/jobs he wants to do. He did prune the rose bushes over the weekend as the timing was right. He does them when the forsythia bushes come into bloom.


I finished up my buying spree for the dolls. I will fast for a while as I need to finish cleaning up the basement and then launder some fabric and sew.
I bought these as they have been talking to me since last week. The solid colours are denim that were greatly reduced. Jeans and jackets will be made out of them.
This cute print is for a top, skirt and capris. It will go perfectly with the white denim I bought or it can go with some other white fabric to make a small wardrobe.
This piece of fabric will be used with both the denims under it. I have lots of it so I can make several items out of it.
This was the hardest of all to match but I loved it for a top and skirt. I will have to find a solid colour to go with it for jacket and pants. But, the purchasing of fabric won't happen until next month at the earliest.
My goal is to continue cleaning the basement and reloading the sewing room. I would love to just shovel it all into garbage bags and get rid of it but there is good stuff I need. I just need to get at it and get it done.


I work and need to start ordering so they all go out at the end of the month.
Until the next time......................

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