Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Last of the Doll Fabric (For Now)

It must be spring. The days are warmer as are the nights. We are starting to be near or at the average day time high and a bit warmer than the average low temperature. We are still having some rain but that is mainly in the late afternoon/evenings.


With the nicer weather, the windows are being opened during the day and the house smells fresher at night. I love this time of the year when one can enjoy the windows opened and smell all the lovely smells after a long winter of blah.
The Spousal Unit went and got the lawn mower from the shop and mowed the lawns yesterday. He even took the clippings out to the recycle place. He wasn't even overly tired though he did rest afterwards.
I worked in notions Wednesday organizing the elastic spools, the lace, trims, and ended the day putting out ribbon hanks. I also did an order and have one more to go. I have to get overstock out before I can place that order. Maybe Friday night and Saturday morning. I am fighting a cold and, to date, I feel like I am winning.
We weighed Elliott on our bathroom scales this week and he has lost weight. He is playing more and harder and yells for food as he is hungry. But you can feel he is lighter when you pick him up or he jumps up on you.


I haven't sewn a stitch but I have certainly bought fabric.
The store project is going to be a bride gown and will be displayed in June.
The trim and the shantung satin. I will use the shiny side of the satin for this project.
The lace and it is lovely with scalloped edges.
Her only colour is the teal blue beads to be put into her bouquet.
The other fabrics are to make outfits for a trip to the mountains. I am having lots of fun doing it. The whole idea jumped off the page when the boots arrived.
I found this fabric when cleaning up the bunk of Knitarama fabrics that arrives through the doors when we least expect them. There has to be a couple hundred bolts of them in the store and there are some amazing fabrics to be found in that area. This was a gem of a find. It is cotton and of medium weight. I got a meter to make the dolls t-shirts and a dress.
This quilting cotton came in as a part of a large group and I loved it from the moment it arrived. I didn't buy it until I this plan emerged in my head. A shirt and if I have to buy more, a dress for the dolls.
The satin looks grey in this picture but it is a lovely rich black. The dress is lined with black bemburg lining and there is tulle netting added to the bottom of the lining to help the skirt flare out. 

 The straps of the sleeves is beads on tulle. Not sure if I have enough to go around the neckline or not as this was expensive.
And to top off expensive is the lace trim to go down the side of the dress.
The last piece I bought was a fleece that had been residing in the store since 2013. It is for the doll's snowsuit.
As I have scoured the store looking at/for fabrics, I thought I was done for the time being. I have enough fabrics to sew up both the trip to the mountains and southwestern wardrobes for the dolls. But, I saw a purse/bag pattern and know the of perfect fabric for it. I may have to get it so I can make it for myself.
I spent yesterday cleaning up the basement and got all the fabrics upstairs. I also got some books, rulers, and the ironing board into the room. I just have patterns, more books, and a few other items to go through. I know what I am keeping and what is to go. I need to get boxes from work to put the items to go to the thrift shop into. Then I can haul it all away.


I am off work again and have to grocery shop, get my hair cut and work in the basement. We will also be talking to our family in Nova Scotia. I go to work at 1 p.m. on Friday, work Saturday and have Sunday off.
Until the next time.........................

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