Friday, April 07, 2017

Mixed Up The Dates

Yesterday was wet and cool. It was actually a miserable day making people think spring will never arrive. Today is just as bad with it raining at 6:30 a.m.


I took the Spousal Unit up to the hospital to have his IV immune therapy and he was "rejected" as he is suppose to go today. I had to stop shopping, get him and continue on. We got home in decent time, got the groceries put away and waited for the new furniture to arrive. During that time, a friend stopped in unexpectedly.
The furniture arrived and it is spaced about in the living room waiting for us to get the old furniture gone. We thought the new items were to arrive next Thursday. We certainly have been out on our dates.
Planogram - it is a plan on how to set up a display in the store. It shows the order of how items go which is usually numerical. In some cases it is alphabetical.


I worked on the vintage apron for an adult yesterday. Instead of adding a fabric ruffle, I put on a lace ruffle. It is turning out great. I took my time to do a neat job and it is ready to have the ties and waistband done. I would love it done before I start work at 1 p.m.
I keep thinking about making doll clothes and what I need to do. I got Sewing with Cinnamon and Friends and am thinking of joining in. I will have the time to do it once I get the doll's dress done on Monday. I am taking time off from doing projects for a while and doing other things I had planned. I may do one project later on and then start again in the fall. It is time to work on doll clothes sewing and design.


I work the late shift and hope to bring in the doll and adult aprons. I work three days this time. I will be tired at the end of them.
Until the next time.................

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