Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Southwestern Ideas for the Dolls

We are still waiting for spring to arrive and it may be coming this weekend. The trees are slowly starting to unfurl their leaves and the grass is green. We haven't had frost for a few mornings now and the day temperatures are getting to the mid 50F.


We have been busy but not overly busy the past couple of days. I set up the living room after the old furniture was removed. It looks much better.
When these chairs arrived, one was found with the leg missing. We did set it up but are awaiting for a new chair to arrive. The other chairs had one back not put into a bracket and a fellow had to come and fix that.
On my two days off, I did get the living room, dining area, and kitchen cleaned up.
I did not get anything done with our stuff in the basement. I was tired and couldn't handle it. So, it will be looked at on Friday.


Sewing was documented in the previous post.
My last fun item of the day was to make a doll's necklace using the beads I bought on Saturday. I had a lot of fun working on it and coming up with ideas.
The necklace colours go well with this fabric so an idea started tickling in my head. I got out the beads and made a second necklace.
After that, I took my ideas further. An outfit for the dolls using the fabric and the bigger necklace. Pintrest gave me this.
And the pattern from Pixie Faire gave me this skirt idea.
I can lengthen the skirt and add fringe if I want to. The top can be done using two patterns I have. The belt can be done using flat stones, eye pins, and a clasp. Ideas are rolling in my head.


I am at work today, tomorrow, and Saturday. I get Friday and Sunday off. I am looking forward to both work and days off this week.
Until the next time..............................

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