Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Shopping Spree or Two

Spring is slowly arriving. The forsythia has begun to bloom which means the rose bushes can be pruned. There are green leaves unfurling on the trees also but it is slow when you get frost some nights.


I hit the exhaustion tree yesterday. I worked until 9 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday nights and slept poorly. I was a zombie by noon yesterday and by 3 p.m. I was asleep in my chair. In other words very little got done except for some shopping.


I haven't sewn but I have shopped. Wednesday night was staff appreciation and I got some items I wanted at that night's discount. Mostly for the dolls. Saturday had a special on quilting cottons and I got some for the dolls and linings for reusable grocery bags.


I got this cotton that looks like corduroy but isn't.
I also bought the rust coloured knit to make tops to go with the southwestern print.
The blue, brown, and rust are linings for bags and white is a denim for the dolls.
I have been looking at this print for three weeks now and finally got it for the dolls. Dress, top, and maybe a pair of shorts. 
I spotted this a week ago and see some summer items out of it. 

This one is for a bag plus the dolls. Think maxi skirt.


I went on a bit of a spree for jewellery.
A lot of crystals made it home with me as the price was even better than the red sticker price. I also got crimping pliers which I thought I had bought but didn't.
Then I hit the craft store and did more damage there.

I am going to be looking at making southwestern clothes and jewellery for the next while. Necklaces, belts, and clothing. I am looking forward to it.


I am working a split shift. I have to do the weekly books and take a couple of hours off and return to finish them. The store is closed tomorrow and they must be done for pick up early Monday morning.
Until the next time..........................

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