Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Tidying Up the Family Room

Yesterday was cool, sunny and windy. This morning it is cool but it is suppose to be a bit warmer than yesterday. We are definitely having fall weather here. A lot cooler than last year. 


I checked the areas I cleaned and did some spot cleaning. I cleaned off the table though it isn't perfect. I will do more tomorrow on that. 
The main goal yesterday was to clean the family room and reorganize it. The Spousal Unit wants to do puzzles down there and we needed to get a better set up. 
The first job was to put LED bulbs into the pot lights. It helps the room overall but not in the puzzle area. We moved the table down closer to the bay windows. He needs a light on the table. He found this out when he started working on the puzzle. 
As we moved stuff around, I dealt with cleaning, sorting, and putting away or into the trash. 
The broom will go away once the stairs are cleaned and there is a bit of stuff on the blue tub to go away. The blue tub is full of stuff to go to the lady across the street from us. 
We are both happy with the layout and it looks huge. Once the walls are painted the same gray as the sewing room, it will look brighter. 


I finished up the test pattern. It is a bit tight on the doll and the designer has since loaded up the next version that is larger. Once it is published I will add pictures of it. 


Last night I finished up the infant sized toque. It uses up half of the yarn so I will knit another one. 
The second on will not have the topper on it. I have another one of these in green and will knit a larger size. One and done. 
I am going to see if I have enough of the soft grayish green yarn I knit the doll's dress from and make this cute cape to go with it. 
The designer is Cataddict and her patterns are free on Ravelry. It should be another quick knit for November. 


I have to go and see the respiratory therapist just before lunch. We have a bit of shopping to do while in New Minas. It is kind of a messed up day so I may or may not get started cutting bias strips for piping. I need to make 2.5-3 meters of it. 
Until the next time................................

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