Monday, November 26, 2018

Black Friday Madness

Yesterday was cool but we had no rain or wind. The high got to 3C. Last night the temperature stayed around 0C. We get a repeat today with some sunshine thrown in for a good measure. We have 2 low pressure systems coming in starting tomorrow. 


I am having great success with stretching. My soreness is under control and I rate it at a 2-3 most days. Yes!
My sleep habits have turned to bad again. I'm awake for at least 2 hours at night. I'm tired during the day, something I hate. 
I am trying to keep my eating under control. It is easy but not easy depending on what is happening. I will work hard at getting it under control and keeping it under control.
I went shopping yesterday and got quite a bit of groceries and some necessary clothes for us. I also did a bit of Christmas shopping. 
It was the continuation of Black Friday and it was busy. I did Michaels looking for yarn but it was pretty well sold out. The store was busy and I left buying nothing. It does happen to me. 
I did Costco and that was a 30 minute trip. I got what I needed and lined up at the back of the store. 3-5 minutes later I was 4th from the till. They had traffic control in place and were moving people through quickly. It really helped that they had every till open. 
After I finished in Dartmouth, I headed to Bedford. I went into Fabricville and had a good chuckle in there. I got what I needed (2 small items). The ladies who were cutting were having issues due to being busy. The cashier wandered off to ask a question of a cutter leaving a huge line up. Good thing a second cashier was called for. Two ladies behind me got a lesson on fusible batting while we waited in line. They were thankful for the help. It helped pass the time as we waited. 
I headed home glad to be out of the Black Friday madness. At home, I had a nap. Not good to break the sleepless cycle but I really needed it. 


I will be putting a button on grandson's blazer and returning it when I go over to house sit for an hour. I want to finish the fun project and start on grandson's pajama bottoms. 
Until the next time.....................

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