Friday, November 02, 2018

Lily Arrived

The rain stopped during the day and started last night. It isn't raining at the moment but it is suppose to rain for the next two days. The temperature is warm; yesterday got to 14C and today it is suppose to get to 16C. 


We hustled around yesterday morning and got all the Halloween decorations taken down and put away. Only the coffin needs to be put into its container and I have no idea how that happens. 
After we got that done, I had a nap. I was exhausted. Could not keep my eyes open. I'm sure it was a combination of the high of Halloween night and the cold trying to raise its ugly head once again. 
I had a second nap in the afternoon and still felt off. It was a weird feeling. I'm feeling much better today as I slept most of the night. 
As you can guess, not much got done here once I got into nap mode. 


My latest doll arrived just after I woke from my morning nap. She was delivered right to our door by the post lady. I opened the box and was delighted with her. 
Unlike the other dolls, her face is not symmetrical. One eye brow is highter than the other and one eye is slightly different. In our eyes she is perfect. 
We love her freckles and I will be taking her hair out of the pony tail. 
She looks innocent but she is a bit of an imp. That makes her fit in with Laura and Anna. 
I'm sure the girls will be talking about everything when I get them together. 
I told Daughter Lily was going to be a Lily bug (lady bug) next Halloween. Immediately her nickname became Lily Bug. I'm suppose to make her a barrel racing outfit. 

Sewing Room

Other than saying I should finish up the painting today, we didn't even think about the room yesterday. I am looking at ideas but I don't want to do much until after I load the room. 
I love the simplicity of this room but it won't happen in mine until I have the stash sewn down and able to put it into the closet. I do love how calm it feels which is how I love to work. My creativity flows in rooms like the one above. 
The next room is busier but I love the shelving idea. I would love to put up a few shelves in my sewing room. I have a nice collection of knick knacks that I would love to put on them. 
The shelves will go up after I get the peg board up. Once they are up, I will have a better idea of where I can put a couple shelves. 


There are some wonderful ideas showing up for SWAP 2019 on Stitcher's Guild. Another thread is about sewing using the Vivienne Files that she adds to once a month. It is a well executed idea by the lady who started the thread. 
I'm thinking along these lines to my wardrobe, once again. Ideas are coming together using up the stash. It may not be a perfect fit, but it will be new clothes to wear. 
My first item to make is to knit a scarf in December. The color is Forever Blue Jeans and I'm looking forward to knitting it. From there I will plan my wardrobe and what I will sew each month. 


I have been working on the next shawl. I got the increases figured out and am starting on the 180 some rows of garter stitch. I got about 40 rows knit last night. Though the pattern will state how many cm/in to knit, I keep track of the rows for myself. It helps me when I knit it again. 
My next project will be a hat for the donate/sell box. It is a quick knit between doll projects. 

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