Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Moving Along With Everything

Yesterday the weather was wet. It rained off and on all day. This morning, it is warm (6C) and cloudy. Our weather watch is gone. 


With the wet weather, I decided to spend the morning doing housework. The idea was to get the upstairs tidy. Surfaces wiped, floor swept and mopped, and items picked up and put away. It wasn't a project. The idea was to get caught up in the housework so I can do a bit more each day in getting the house really clean. I actually did succeed. 
The only room that got a good cleaning was the bathroom. I did the remainder of the house so it looks clean. I am ready to start a cleaning schedule. I hope to set the schedule up in the bullet journal. 
My pain level yesterday was virtually non existent. I was able to do everything with only a few twinges. It felt good. Today I am a bit sore between the shoulder blades but am hoping it will ease off as I do things. 


After lunch, I hemmed grandson's school pants. They are done and delivered. When I got home, I started laying out the fabric for his pajama pants. I need to smooth the fabric out in preparation to putting the pattern on. The flannel is soft and lovely and I bought it over a year ago. 
I have no more flannel for him in the stash which is nice. I will have to buy him a piece for the next ones I make. 


The second sleeve is done and the body stitches are cast on ready to start knitting. I am really liking the pattern and am thinking of how I can adapt it for the Gotz Girls. 
I am preparing to start my scarf. I will put it all into a small knitting bag so it is contained. I'll do the same for grandson's socks. 


I am off to see the doctor for the results of my thyroid test and to get prescriptions. In the afternoon, I will work on grandson's pajama bottoms and then knit if I have time. 
Until the next time...........................

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