Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Test Knitting A Pattern

Yesterday, the weather was grey, above freezing, a bit windy, and no moisture. Today, we are suppose to get to 5C and have rain. The first of two low pressure systems is moving in. 


Yesterday, I had some pain but was more tired than I have been. I slept in for an extra hour but roaming the house at night is keeping me tired. I refused to nap yesterday and slept better last night. I woke this morning virtually pain free. I will keep stretching during the day to keep the pain at bay. 
My eating habits were off yesterday -- tired and cranky does it to me every time. 


I sewed a button onto grandson's suit jacket and took it over when I house sat while the cleaners were there. Next up is lowering the hems on his pants. 
I did finish a cute craft project. The left over fabric will be bagged to use for Japanese fabric weaving. I am looking forward to doing that in 2019.


I am doing a test pattern for a lady. It is a cute pattern and page 1 of the instructions is well written and easy to follow. Too bad I got carried away and had to unknit 8 rows. 
I love the pattern and it is just knit and purl. I need to see where it fits under the arm of the doll and if too short, I will have to redo it in a larger needle size. 


The plan is to clean house and hem grandson's pants. Actually 2 pairs of pants as he is getting a pair for Christmas. With rain in the forecast, I will enjoy being inside. 
Until the next time.......................

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