Friday, November 09, 2018

More Set Up in the Sewing Room

Yesterday was cooler but sunny. This morning it is chilly and will be a bit cooler than yesterday. Rain is suppose to arrive tomorrow. It is fall here.


Yesterday I was tired but I forced myself to get things done. Not completely done but almost done. 
I made a big pot of Mexican Chicken Soup in the slow cooker and it was excellent. I added a couple of extra chicken breasts to the pot and shredded them up with 1/3 cup of the liquid and froze them for sandwiches. 
I was able to track everything I ate yesterday. I was super careful and did well. I'm trying to see if I have a good weight loss this week and then will focus on tweaking what I am eating. 
I am looking forward to cleaning the upstairs. I will do some each morning so I can sew in the afternoons. It won't take long to do each area; pick up and put away, dust, sweep, mop, and admire. 

Sewing Room

I got more loaded back into the sewing room. The sewing machines are in and ready to be used. My mom's Singer Featherweight has been put away for now. I organized the pressing stuff and got that table into the room along with the ironing board. The tall rolling drawer unit is in its place. Just the cutting table, projects, sewing notions, and a few other items need to be put in the room. Then it will be done. YES!! I will take pictures of it completed. 


I didn't look at the knitting last night. Though I had napped yesterday afternoon, I was still tired enough I couldn't focus on knitting. I think there is one evening left to finish it up; two at the most. 


I am off to the city. I will do a bit of shopping and learn where a new mall is. I need to buy black piping for a bag I am making but that remains to be seen. It may or may not happen this week. 
Until the next time................................

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