Saturday, November 24, 2018

Progress Made

Yesterday was cold and windy. The snow is dry so every time the wind gets blowing hard, you see it lift the snow and move it across lawns, up from ditches, and down the road. Pretty but not very nice to be out in. Today it is warmer out and will get to 4C. 


I got the entrance and stairs done early yesterday. They were dusty and quite dirty. It has been a while since I washed the area though I have swept it several times. I dusted the window ledge above the front door and the ceiling fan also. We are clean until next week when I repeat the process. Hopefully it won't take as much time but I bet it will. It is a high traffic area into the house and garage. 
My idea to clean the bathroom became a quick wipe so it is presentable. I ran out of time. 
I tracked my food and had my pain under control for another day. Stretching is really helping. By watching what I eat once again, I lost weight. That made me happy. 
Last evening we went to Mamma Mia with son, daughter-in-law and grandson. The senior students at the private school grandson attends put it on. It was superbly done. The students and staff were dedicated to the project and it showed. We thoroughly enjoyed the performance. 


I did work on the bag yesterday. The bottom seam of the bag needs to be pressed opened before doing the side seams. I found I had to be careful with the corners as the interfaced fabric is very stiff. Instead of measuring down 1.5" to make the corner triangle, I did just over 2.5" so the bottom is wide enough to hold containers. It was perfect. 
The handles had light fusible interfacing put on them and I did the handles by 

  • folding in half 
  • fold edge to center line on each side
  • fold in half so all seams are enclosed and pressed well
  • stitch close to the edge on both sides. 
At this point, I put the handles onto the bag. After pinning them down, I triple stitch zig zag them in place (I narrow down the width and length of the stitch). 
The bag is ready to have the tab and the lining made. 


I decided to use up as much of the Jeans yarn as possible. I started to crochet a cowl for the dolls. I will knit a messy bun hat next.
I do like this yarn a lot and would love to stash some for a sweater for myself. It goes with my plan for a wardrobe. I'll give myself a month to make the decision. 


The main goals are to put up the Christmas lights and try to finish the bag. Anything else will be a bonus. 
Until the next time...........................

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