Monday, November 12, 2018

The Viipuri Dress Done

Yesterday was cool and sunny. It would have been a nice day to be outside but the wind was blowing from the WNW and it was cold. This morning it is -1C, sunny and some wind. It is suppose to be gusty again today. 


Yesterday, I did some housework. It was time to start doing it on a daily basis. I cleaned the bedroom to keep the dust down. That included mopping the floors. I also did the bathroom and the kitchen. Not a project type of clean knowing that I will be doing the basics again today and tomorrow. It allows me to stop short of doing a major overhaul in the room I am working on and get more rooms tidied up. 


I entered the sewing room and started to work on a test pattern. It was such a joy to be sewing again. I got the back of the test pattern done which included welt pockets. 
I spent 5 minutes putting things away in the sewing room at the end of the session. The cutting table has two projects on it that need to be done. One is piping for Daughter and the other is to finish up my t-shirt (cutting out new sleeves). 


I finally finished up a dress I started knitting on June 28. The bodice was fun, the skirt was mindless when I got the pattern in my brain and the blocking was a nightmare. I did the normal blocking by spraying the wool and pinning it in place. The hem kept curling up. I tried three times and quit. I finally decided to use the steam from the iron and block it with my wooden press. Worked like a charm. 
Lily got to model the dress and she looked quite sweet in it. 
I have the same yarn in an off white and will try this pattern again using the new bodice pattern and the swirl skirt. 
I also finished up the shawl and it looks like the first one I made except that I knit it in one piece. 
I started knitting a hat that will go in to the donate/sell tub. It is a DMC pattern called Top This. I bought the kit when working in the fabric store and I'm sure you can get it somewhere. They come in a wide variety of designs and colors. 
I got 5 rows done last night. 
The pattern states to use a circular needle but I ended up digging out the double pointed as I am making the smaller size. I don't think it is going to take long to knit up. Next November project is coming together. 


I have a bit of upstairs house work to do and then I am going to do some work in the family room. The LED bulbs go in and I will move the puzzle table down closer to the windows. The floors will be swept and possibly mopped. The Spousal Unit wants to start doing puzzles this winter. He has a good supply of them to do. The afternoon will be spent sewing as I would love to finish the test pattern. 
Until the next time................................

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