Thursday, December 28, 2017

One Wicked Cold

It is cold here today. It is -16C with a wind chill of -21C. The wind has backed off and it isn't snowing. It seems as if it will warm up slowly over the next week. 


The Spousal Unit has pneumonia, bronchitis, and an eye infection. He was at the hospital for 5 hours and when he got home, he was a mess. He was agitated after Daughter-in-law left, argumentative, and wandered around the house doing what he did 18 months ago when he had his first bout of pneumonia. 
Sleep was horrid for the first part of the night. His coughing and chocking kept me awake until he got rid of the phlegm and mucous at midnight. It was a mess that had to be cleaned up. But his coughing has been less and he slept well after that. He is still asleep and needs to be awakened at 8 for his medications. 
I am sleep deprived and bone tired. I have a dry cough and it is annoying me. It will be back to bed for me in the guest room after the Spousal Unit gets his medications. 
We will survive this and be well for the new year. It has hit a lot of people across Canada so we don't feel it is isolated here in our area. 

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  1. Ann sending healing hugs and prayers for both of you. I love reading your blog but never comment. I miss your western attire from the old stitchers guild - used to do those in another lifetime.