Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Storage Units

The weather is turning to cold and we will have wind giving us wind chill factors to -30C. I have to get some safety salt as part of our driveway is covered in ice. With no stores open yesterday, I have to get a bag today. 


Living in a new house poses some problems. New houses are well built with no drafts. Though we have an air exchange system, it seems as if the air in this house was stale and lacking in oxygen. I turned the system on to run continuously and we seem more alert and less tired. 
With the cold weather being here until some time next week, we will be running the heat pump and the electric baseboard heaters to keep the house warm. Keeping the curtains closed also helps keep the house warmer. I'm understanding this is not typical weather here in Nova Scotia. 
With yesterday having warmer temperatures (-2C), we built one of the Spousal Units shelving units in the garage. The instructions were horrid and after about an hour, we got it done. That meant taking it apart several times to get the right pieces in the right places. We also put together the shelving unit for the sewing room. Much easier to do and had it done in less than 20 minutes. 
I have actually started to put fabric on the shelves. Two tubs are 3/4 empty. I know that I will be moving fabric around so it is pretty much categorized. 


With my sewing goal to sew as much of the stash as possible, I have joined two on-line groups. One is about fabric fasting which means buying as little fabric as possible. This allows me to get what I need to finish projects. I do know I will need some fabric to do complete a project or two. The other is called "The 50 Yard Dash" which means we are to try and sew 50 yards of fabric in 2018. 
The one thing I refuse to do is inventory the fabric stash. What I plan on doing in Explore 2018 is keep track of how many meters I sew. It will be a combination of all the fabric in the stash. I will keep track of what I buy to finish projects and will go on the incoming side of the pages. Joining these groups will help me not purchase fabric due to boredom and stress. 


For Christmas I got 4 skeins of yarn. 
 The top two yarns are going to marinate as I look for patterns to inspire me. 
The red and black yarns were from this mood board idea. 
 Ideas are mulling around in my head for the dolls. I may have to add a light grey or white to the mix. I can see a red sweater and black pants in these colors. For dolls and myself. 
The cape I am knitting has two of the three pattern repeats done and is looking good. I have joins in the yarn as I frogged it from another pattern. The pattern and yarn did not mix - yarn to heavy for the pattern. 


I need to go and get the safety salt. My main goal is to unpack the stash onto the shelves. Grandson plays soccer tonight but I'm not sure we are going. It means two cars, supper out, and we are not up to that. 
Until the next time........................

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