Monday, December 11, 2017

Sewing Room Storage Decision

It looks as if the sun will shine for a bit before a heavy rainstorm comes in from the west. Yesterday was grey with 1/2" of rain. You did things outside when it wasn't raining. 


Daughter-in-law showed up yesterday morning and we rushed outside and put up the Christmas tree lights. She was gone by noon to shop and bake. She also invited us out for a lovely dinner last night. 
The Spousal Unit worked in the garage and the shed yesterday. He is trying to get his storage sorted out, put together, and his stuff put away. He can only work for short periods of time as his hands get cold from working in the dampness. 


As I unloaded fabric into tubs, I knew I needed to do something besides store fabric in tubs. I took a break due to frustration and found exactly what I wanted. Well, it was brewing after I read Carolyn's blog post. It had nothing to do with what she wrote but with the first picture she posted. She has all her fabric on shelving units. I looked to find them and can buy them at Home Depot when they get their next shipment in. I did a happy dance and happily put items away in the sewing room. 
As I was putting fabric into tubs, I came across fabric I want to sew up into zippered bags and doll clothes. Then I found the clear vinyl to make Portable Closets for doll clothes. I really want to sew so..........
I cleaned up the sewing machine cabinet and set up the serger and sewing machine. I am on the right track. I was pumped to get the room cleaned up so I forged ahead and have a couple of hours left and it will be done to the best of my abilities. 
While cleaning up, I decided I need to buy 2 units for book shelves and for the TV to sit on, a cutting table, a chair, and the shelving unit. 
Anna is waiting patiently for me to get the sewing room finished so I can sew for her. I have a few patterns that are specifically for her. 
I am hoping to make her and Kate (my first doll) matching outfits plus one to sell. 

On the Needles

I worked quite diligently on the hat yesterday and got about 2" done. I love the pattern and will have to use it in a hat for the dolls. 
I have to knit for a couple of hours on it today as I need to finish it up tomorrow and ship Daughter's Christmas parcel on Wednesday. 


I have to work more in the sewing room, knit, and run over to Son's house and get the cleaning supplies we left there. We go to Grandson's soccer game tonight. Another busy day. 
Until the next time.......................

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