Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Color Combinations

I have been having some fun with color on Sunday and Monday. On Sunday I stepped out of my comfort zone and picked up yellow green and dusty rose yarn. I then panicked and thought I had done wrong but here is my mood picture that tells me I am doing well. 
I then happened upon two other mood boards and will have to do a combination of those two colors. 
I can actually see this being a grey coat with orange stitching and an orange hat and mitts to go with it for the dolls. The dolls can wear grey UGG boots. For me, I could wear the grey with orange stitching but could not pull off the orange near my face. 
The last one is out of my comfort zone.
I would start off using grey with chartreuse trim. If I am brave enough, I will reverse the colors. Not sure what this will be but it could be a knit coat and dress for the dolls.  
Anna had a fabulous time yesterday morning. She got to look at the beads for a necklace to wear with her new sweater. I took out the beads she can use and she made her decision after some thinking. 
She thinks the mixed ones are too pale and will get lost when she wears them with this sweater. The yellow is okay but she loved the blue. That is why the blue beads are in the middle. 
I was putting away a few of Kate's clothes and Anna squealed with delight when she saw the crocheted top I had made to wear with jeans and a t-shirt. She says she must have one to go with the jeans and t-shirt she wants for spring. Oh and cowboy boots also.
She is fitting right into this house as she and Kate have very similar tastes. And I love to make what they love. 
Another day with more ideas. 

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