Sunday, December 10, 2017

Life In Nova Scotia

We have had our fair share of wet weather the past while. It is winter and it rains in Nova Scotia during the winter. We have seen a bit of snow but it is usually gone by noon. Several of the storms have come in from the south bringing warm weather (13C). It is not unusual to have a half inch of rain fall; sometimes more. 


I have spent a lot of time unpacking and had to stop, clean upstairs, and decorate for Christmas. Every year for the past three years, Lego's Christmas Village comes out. This year Grandson put it together for me and it went on the shelf of the table the tree is on. 
The tree was decorated (earliest since the children were little). It is the smallest tree we have had since the children were toddlers. 
Winnie the Pooh and Eyore continue to be on or under the tree since the children were in primary grades. I made them over 30 years ago. 
The nativity scene has been around since I was a child and it gets a place of honor in our house at Christmas time. 
The mantle decorations are on the treadle sewing machine cabinet. 
Both the sewing machine and clock were my grandmother's. 
We are happy with the decorations this year and, hopefully we will get outside done in the next week. The wreath is on the door but we need to get our lights hung. We are slow as most people have their decorating done my December 1. 


I am still struggling with unpacking the sewing room. I work until I get frustrated and then leave. Some days I get a lot done, others very little. The yarn is unpacked and sorted into fabric boxes in a cube. It is working well and I do like it. I want a book shelf to put all my knitting and sewing books onto. If all goes well and I can get a deep one I like, the little TV will go on top of it. 
Fabric storage is a bone of contention for me. I am unpacking it into tubs and am flip flopping between buying and not buying a storage/pantry unit to put most of it into. The alternative is to keep it stored in tubs in a corner and dig through the tubs as I do projects. I really want to downsize the stash and I keep asking myself "Will I need the storage unit?" I keep answering with "Maybe, maybe not". I have thought about put an organizer in the closet but is that worthwhile? Maybe, maybe not. For the time being it is tubs. 
I need to buy a cutting table and a chair on wheels. I know the room is going to look empty when it is fully set up but that is what happens when you get a large space. The biggest I have ever had. 

Anna From Paris

Anna arrived on November 30 (her birthday) and she is a beautiful doll. She has a dog Grandson named Poppy. 
They are outside enjoying the lovely sunshine shortly after she arrived. She then came in and told us about her trip. She spent several nights in lovely little places. She was excited to hear that she would land in Halifax which is an short trip to our house. 
After all the talking and the long trip, she settled down for a nap in the family room. 
When she woke up, she noticed that I wear glasses all the time and wanted to know if I had a pair for her. She said these will be perfect for when she is reading. 
When I showed her the sunglasses she squealed with delight as they match her shoes. 

Anna would not take them off for the rest of the day. 

On the Needles

I purchased this Messy Bun hat for Daughter. It is part of her Christmas gift. You can type in the name of the hat and Annies to purchase it.
I bought the yarn called for; Red Heart Unforgettable. You can buy it at Michaels, Fabricland, Fabricville, and online. I set it up but could not remember how to do the magic loop. We got internet on Friday and I looked it up, got started and knit all evening. It is an easy knit that looks good. 
I need one more night of knitting and I will be ready to decrease. I want their box in the mail on Tuesday. 


I want to work some more in the sewing room. I need to move stuff around and stack the tubs in a corner as I unpack the boxes. I plan on knitting on the hat during the day and for a couple of hours tonight. 
Until the next time.......................


  1. That nativity is the twin of mine, right down to Joseph's missing shepherds crook. I inherited it from my Canadian grandmother.

  2. What fun it is to see the decorations and the doll! And, how marvelous to have your grandson nearby to add to the fun!