Saturday, December 16, 2017

A Year of 7 Sewing Projects

2017 was a slow year for sewing. Working 40 hours a week, cleaning house and shopping took up a lot of my time. It left a small amount of time to do small things. In the end, I made 7 items. One per month that I was able to sew in. 

Number 1

My biggest item made was a couture wedding dress for my doll Kate. It took me a lot of hours to put that dress together but it was worth it in the end. 
The little girls who came into the store were excited over the dress and there were a few cheaper knock offs made. One lady wanted to do it exactly and when we figured out the cost, she said she would wait for the good sales before making it. I really don't blame her. 

Number 2

I made a coat using drapery fabric, some faux suede from the drapery department and some lace trim. I did couture sewing making sure all the plaids matched. There was a lot of anal sewing on this coat as the pattern was an easy one and left raw edges showing. 

This coat was displayed at the store as a part of the drapery fabric challenge. 
I did buy extra fabric to make a bag to go with this coat and will make it in 2018 when I go on a bag making spree. 

Number 3

I made a dress for the dolls to wear over Easter. Several patterns were sold and a couple of little girl dresses were also made. 
With this outfit, I made matching panties from ready to wear underwear. I did add a white ribbon to the waist of this dress when I took it to the store. 

Number 4 and 5

With Canada celebrating 150 years, we did a wonderful display in the store. I made two items for the display. 
The first was a doll's dress in a red stripe fabric with a maple leaf nordic trim. A red ribbon was added when the doll went to the store. 
The second item was a purse and there was an abundance of patterns given away along with a lot of fabric. 
It was a fun project to sew and very popular. 

Number 6

The last project of the year was the hardest project for me to make. I seem to make mistake after mistake. The instructions were horrid and I would not recommend the pattern to anyone. But I do like the end results along with the fabric. 
The only thing it lacks is two pockets on the inside. I loose my keys in this purse on a regular basis. On a note, this was the only fabric I purchased and did not get displayed at the store. 
One more project was made but I did not like it at all. It was a St. Patrick's Day dress for the doll. Too plain for my liking. I did like the fabric but not the pattern that was chosen for me to make. The pattern needed to be sewn with more glamorous fabric, not a quilting cotton. 

Number 7

I made the dolls a Valentine's dress in a red cotton sateen with a sparkly overlay. There are no pictures of it on my phone or computer. I found it on the blog. 
It was a slow year of sewing but not a dry year. I am hoping to be more productive next year. 

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