Friday, December 22, 2017

Getting Ready for Christmas

We are in the midst of another cold snap. We went from snow to rain to ice and now cold. The forecast (which is quite accurate) states we will have 7" of snow on Christmas day. We should have a white Christmas. 


We have been busy getting ready for Christmas. The shopping is done except for food and I can do that tomorrow morning. Early tomorrow morning. 
Son took us to the city on Monday so the Spousal Unit could see where we do most of our shopping in the bigger stores. We also took the old road home. You go through all the small town/hamlets between Dartmouth and Windsor. The most interesting thing we saw was a thatched fence. 
Daughter-in-law took us to the library. It is in the older part of town and we gazed at the old homes as we came into and left the library. We did enjoy the library and have to go back today for a book the Spousal Unit ordered. 

Mood Boards

I found another pictures that fits with some yarn I bought.
The yarn I chose is Premier Yarns Cotton Fair Multi in Lily. It is a cotton/acrylic blend that I plan on making sweaters for the dolls. 
I am thinking short sleeved summer sweaters. Dresses can be in the blue or pink for a great summer look. 

Sewing Room

I got the shelving unit for the stash. It is still in the box waiting for me to put together. I need no tools so should be able to put do the assembly easily. 
Still needed for the sewing room:

  • Chair on wheels. Know where to buy it, just need to do it. 
  • Cutting table from Amazon. I will order it after Christmas. Didn't need it prior to Christmas. 
  • Book cases from Ikea. These could get purchased on Saturday but probably in January. 
When these items arrive and everything is set up, I will take pictures of the sewing room. And I can start to sew. Looking forward to that. Especially when I was told to sew reusable grocery bags for sale. The east coast is working on not having plastic bags in their stores. You provide all your own reusable bags. 


I am still knitting the Kitty Cat 3 cape. My tension is off and I am having to knit more rows. It fits Anna well (and Kate too). 
After I knit this, I plan on doing a swatch to get the right gauge (I thought I had the right gauge but I don't). I seem to be knitting tighter than I use to as I have worked on getting my stitches even with no issues. I have a book to put my swatches into with all the information I need to knit these patterns. I also put the information up on my Raverly page. 
I will knit this cape again using the same yarn. I have 3 more balls of it. 


I have to clean the house and go to the library. It is going to be a slower day but that is okay. I may even get started at putting the shelving unit together. 
Until the next time............................

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