Monday, November 27, 2017

Elliott is a Model

We have had some lovely weather in Windsor. Warm and sunny. We have had some rain also. It is a mild fall I am told by the locals. 


I had the flu as did Son. It was 48 hours in length and I felt horrid. Grandson has a lovely cold which has left him feeling tired. The Spousal Unit looked after us while Daughter-in-Law was at meeting for a day and a half. He did really well. 
We pick up our vehicle today and are looking forward to getting it. It is a Kia Niro (hybrid). It gives us the ability to move to our house and be independent. 
With the flu, I had to stop unpacking for a day. I did some on the second day as we had to be at the house to receive our bed. Yesterday was shopping and today is laundry and get the vehicle. I do hope to unpack more tomorrow and start moving our stuff from one place to another. I need to clean up the unit as Daughter-in Law's parents are coming for Christmas. 
We had a bit of fun with Elliot last night. I thought he would bite, scratch, and yell at me but he was meek and mild. 
I didn't dare put the beard up on his face. He took off with it on and laid on the top stairs going to the basement. I took it off him and he sauntered back into the living room and had a nap. Modeling is so exhausting. 


I haven't looked in the sewing room but will be moving a small box of sewing books down there as soon as we go back to the house. I found it in the kitchen. 
I keep telling myself that I need to sew down the stash and I am getting excited to set up my sewing space and start the journey. I have  a knitting bag to sew for Daughter-in-Law, the Halloween Boo mobile and the black satin doll's dress to finish. A good start to get back to sewing. 


I need to get ready to go out, do laundry and go for the vehicle. It is snowing out so it may be an interesting day. We are going out to watch Grandson play soccer tonight. We really enjoy watching him improve his skills. 
Until the next time.

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  1. How marvelous to be with family! Best wishes to your continued improvement in health and moving in. It will be so much fun to read of your coming sewing adventures.