Monday, November 07, 2016


We have had some amazing weather the past few days. Warm days and nights which is not usual for this time of he year. We are appreciating it greatly.


I have worked since Friday afternoon, had a late night, and three busy days with a huge sale at the store. My mood has ranged from anger to frustration to elation. I survived it and am moving on.
Daughter-in-Law and Grandson are coming from Nov. 28 to Dec. 3. It will be so nice to have them with us before they move to Nova Scotia.
Elliott has been his usual self and has enjoyed having access to the basement suite where he runs around some each day.
We have to get him into the vet and weighted. We hope he has lost some weight as he gets less food than he did before his last visit.
I lost 1.1 pounds this week and am happy about that. I am creeping my way down to 20% of my body weight gone and the 50 pound mark.


I am planning the lobster themed items in my head and will start them on Wednesday. The bibs are to be 26" long so I will need to buy the clear laminate for them today. I will be putting together the bib pattern so I can cut them out.
The doll's Christmas dress fabric is washed and ready to be ironed. I hope to cut them out during my three days off. It looks like I will be a busy lady.


I set up Grandson's socks and have knit 20+ rows. The lady who dyes the yarn calls the collection "Hat Trick" and this colour way is for the Edmonton Oilers hockey team.
 The writing underneath is the pattern for his socks. After I finish the legs of both socks, I get out the Craftsy class on sock making to do the heel. So easy to knit these socks as the pattern is TNT (tried and true).
I still have to knit him his Edmonton Eskimo's socks. I know I can get them done before Christmas.


I work today and hope to do a bit of ironing this evening. It depends on how tired I am. I am adapting to the time change.
Until the next time...........................

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