Friday, November 25, 2016

Doll Dress Begun

We are having some warm late fall weather. The temperatures are higher than normal and it has felt good. We are looking at snow flurries over the next few days and that is to be expected.


The bathroom renovation is coming along nicely. The floor needs to be scraped before the tiles are laid. The tub is in place and there is a second plug-in. Life is getting good.
When the guys looked at putting in the tub, they decided to raise the entry into the living area of the house. They took out 14" of wall and made it higher by 6". The height of the entry way wasn't as high as a standard door. It looks more open now.
Daughter-in-law and grandson arrive on Monday for 5 days. We will put them on the plane for Nova Scotia on Saturday morning. It will be an adventure for them to live back there and we will miss having them in the next province. But, we always said we would not interfere with our children's lives. On the up side, we will be visiting them next fall and discovering Nova Scotia.


I made a quick tree skirt and stocking from a fleece panel. Very easy and quick to do.
It will be hung in the store and hopefully someone will purchase it and a panel of stockings. We don't need a large tree skirt or stocking.
I started on the doll's dresses and have the first bodice done.
I want to sew some tiny buttons down the front of the dress to glam it up. The sleeves are ready to sew on the bias tape for the elastic, hem, put on the lace and insert. Once done, I can do the skirt and move on to the second dress -- same fabric in red and gold.
The doll's shoes for the dress are on her feet and they are quite cute.


I have knit the first foot and need to measure it. If long enough, I start on the second foot. I got behinds due to exhaustion but it won't take me long to finish them up. May not before they arrive but I can knit after Grandson is in bed.


I am off work and we have to shop, measure cabinet doors, and do laundry. I do need to sew on the doll's dresses too.
Until the next time............................

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