Friday, November 11, 2016

Progress In All Areas

Yesterday was cooler but still the high was double the normal high for that day. Today is cloudy and it is suppose to be wet.


The doors are in and completed. I have to get batteries for the dead bolts so we can program our entry numbers in.
The front door is really nice and we will paint the trim white in the spring.
The house will be painted a light grey to help the door pop out and make a statement.
The back door is cheery and allows light into the basement stairwell. Happy with it.
I was to the doctor in the morning to have my blood pressure taken and to get a prescription for more medication. My blood pressure was 132/64 and I am off the medication and will have my BP taken in two weeks. I hope I am off for good as it makes another health goal met. If not, I will continue to work on getting off that medication.


I got two fleece jacket cut out, sewn and ready for the lining and collar.
I hope I can finish them both this week unless I am too tired after work or the room is too dark to sew in.
In the afternoon, the Spousal Unit and I moved all the fabric and books that have been residing in the living room and our bedroom to the basement suite. I looked at every piece of fabric and it all stays. There isn't as much as I thought there was; the boxes make it look like more.


The second sock has 20 rows knit on it. I put in a 100 watt LED light bulb into the lamp and WOW I can really see every stitch so much easier. I need to buy 4 more so both lamps give off lots of light and brighten the living room.
I found the yarn (in the stash) for the doll's cowl and my plan is to crochet it on Boxing Day.
We need to grocery shop, do some laundry and then I want to sew on the doll's jacket. I also need to haul some stuff out of the sewing room to the basement so the Spousal Unit can start the renovations in that room.
Until the next time................................

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