Tuesday, November 01, 2016

A Lot for 24 Hours

It was cool yesterday with a high of 7.6C or 48.5F. We had some rain also. Today and tomorrow are suppose to be gloomy and then sunshine and temperatures up to 16C or 61F.


We had fun dressing up for Halloween at the store.
I spent two evening cutting the tulle and knotting it on a ribbon to make a tutu. I got a lot of "I love your tutu" during the day.
The Spousal Unit went to the eye surgeon and his eye has healed well and has 20/20 vision. The left eye gets done on December 15. He is one happy man.
We had a total of 12 trick or treaters last night. Not worth buying a lot of candy that I have to take to work for the staff. Grandson (who is diabetic) was out in a stretch bus and got 9 pounds of candy. It wasn't the candy but the fun with others on the bus that counted for him. He has a good memory of his last Halloween in Alberta.
My weight is still going down hill. I have lost 44.1 pounds to date. Hoping to loose 50 pounds by the end of December. I want to loose another 50 pounds after that. By then I hope to have my health under control except for my thyroid and sleep apnea. The only down side to loosing weight is being cold. I need a sweater or two in the wardrobe.
We officially get our basement suite back today. I did a walk through and it is clean as a whistle and only one light was broken when they cleaned it. We will take a good look and make a decision on if we need to paint and then rewash the floors and try to rent it in January. We will use the suite for storage for 2 months while renovating the sewing room and gutting the bathroom.


I have to take my vehicle in for repairs, pick up the rental, and work. I have the next 2.5 days off work so I will be sewing a few things during my time off.
Until the next time...............................

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  1. Anonymous8:53 AM

    I so enjoy reading your posts, Ann! Rain or snow; heat or freezing. Yard, sewing, mountains, flowers, surgeries, weight loss, house, dolls, work - it just makes my day to read your thoughts and find out what you're up to. :-)