Thursday, November 17, 2016

LED Lights

I had a shock this morning! It was snowing when I got up. The top of the vehicles are white but everything else is wet and dark and ucky. We can't go from lovely fall to winter in 24 hours.


We spent 8 hours with Adam, who is going to do our renovations. We started in the bathroom, then talked about the rest of the house. Doors, TV hook up above the fireplace, trim, baseboard, kitchen and............ what ever else came up. The what ever else included 10 pot lights in the kitchen/livingroom area.
We ended up our session Skyping Son about what we needed for the TV hook up. There will be some cutting done from lower down to above the fireplace so we can put in 4 HDMI cords and a plug in. That way, our TV box, Xbox, Apple TV and DVD player can be attached to the TV and sit on the antique gramophone by the fireplace. We are happy with that arrangement. Our Christmas present this year will be a new 60" TV.
At the end of the day, we were tired and hungry. We ended up having Chinese food delivered and that isn't the best choice for someone who is watching what she eats.


As you can probably guess, nary a stitch was sewn yesterday. But, the room was cleaned up and I dusted and scrubbed the floor. Then, I put the furniture back into their proper spots. It looks great. I had been muttering to Adam about the poor lighting in the rooms and he said to use LED light bulbs and see how that works. So we grabbed two and put them in the sewing room light fixture. What a difference it made to that room. There are virtually no shadows or yellow glow in the room.
This picture was taken after dark and I was amazed at how bright it was in the room.


The sock is unknit and ready for me to do the gusset again. I will be 2 days behind plus I won't be knitting Friday night as I work late. Yes, you can hear me gnashing my teeth.


I have to get some shopping and laundry done today and then I plan on sewing on the doll's jackets. The first lining is laid out and pinned down.
Until the next time.....................................

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