Friday, November 04, 2016

Preparing for Christmas Projects

Yesterday was a lovely warm day with a high of 19.3C or 67F. We enjoyed the lovely day as this is November and our temperatures are usually 10C cooler.


We had a busy day both at home and around town. We shopped and went out to the compost center. The Spousal Unit drove both ways and was tired when we got home. We saw where people can drop off their pumpkins which I called the pumpkin graveyard. I am sure they will be composted in a week or so.
To end his day, the Spousal Unit mowed the lawns for the last time this year.
Daughter-in-Law texted to say the house has sold and she and grandson are packing. They will be coming over to see us when the house is empty and we will put them on the plane to Nova Scotia. We certainly will miss them a lot but plan on going out there next year for 10 days.


I finished the Minion pillows and I need to box them up to ship next month.
I am now planning my first Christmas project. I have some of the fabrics and the list for the rest is done. You can see the whole line of fabrics here. The ones I have are:

I need to buy the light background feathers and the brown pine cones. The goal is to make 8 placemats that look like this one.
All the fabric I bought is washed and pressed. The rest will get done in the evening after I buy it. Then I can do a tutorial on it as there is no pattern for this set.
I got carried away searching and found this wonderful Pinterest page for table runners and placemats. Another page for a placemat pattern that has countless opportunities. And colour block placemats and napkins which I will be making.
But I woke up last night thinking about the lobster fabric and getting those pieces done. They will be first on the agenda.


I finished the Crossbody Cowl last night.
When worn it looks like this picture
I knit a few rows on the doll scarf and then set up the first sock for Grandson. It seems as if Christmas gifts are in full swing in our house.


I work the closing (9:15 p.m.) shift so I plan on doing some housework prior to going to work. That way, I can do some laundry at the same time. Nothing exciting at our house today. I work the next 5 days so I know I will knit and launder fabrics.
Until the next time.........................


  1. The cowl scarf looks gorgeous! I wouldn't mind getting that pattern. My daughters would look beautiful in it. I really like the idea of Christmas placemats too. I will check out pinterest. Not sure if I have the time, but will give at least one set a go. Thanks for keeping me inspired to do more!

  2. I go to your blog first when I am reading blogs. I'm always happy to see a new post. Your posts are always entertaining and helpful. I loved the Crossbody Cowl and the Christmas projects too.

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