Saturday, November 26, 2016

Bodice of Dress is Done

It is raining this morning and there is snow up where we shop. The rain will wash all the snow away as it is suppose to be warm. But, cooler than yesterday.


Yesterday was a busy day. We measured all the kitchen doors and are waiting for a quote on how much it will be to replace them.
I washed all the sheet rock dust off the floors and they look nice now. That should last until today at the earliest and tomorrow at the latest. But, I can say they were clean on Friday.


I worked on the bodice of the doll's dress when I had time. I got it completed.
I tightened up the elastic in the sleeves so they fit closer to the doll's arm. The skirt is sewn ready to put up the hem, add the lace to the bottom, gather and attach. Then, on to the red dress.


I unknit 12 rows on the first sock and it is now ready for the toes to be done. I started on the second sock and got several rows knit on it before I fell asleep on the couch. With the fireplace on, I got warm and nodded off.


I work today and for the next five days. It is going to be crazy busy with renovations, prepping for Daughter-in-Law and Grandson's arrival and working. I shall survive.
Until the next time......................

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