Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sewing Room Reno Started

We are having fall weather. Someone yesterday said we would have a green Christmas but you never know in our area. It may or may not happen.


The Spousal Unit was in the sewing room yesterday and he got the valance over the window off.

The frame needs to be removed and a piece of gyproc put on. Though not a huge job, it certainly changes the room making it feel bigger. The nice part is: I can still sew in there.


I didn't sew last night as I was sore from work. I spent 6.5 hours ordering notions and it was a lot of work. I pack an iPad and scanner and am hunched over a lot. I also have to put notions back in their proper spot and end up sitting on the floor organizing racks. But, that job is almost done and the next orders are paper ones and I don't sit on the floor for them.
I did wander in and out of the room several times admiring the Spousal Unit's handy work.


I got both of the heel flaps knit on Grandson's socks. That was a total of 60 rows (30 per sock).
Next is to shape the heel and pick up the gusset stitches. Another evening's job. I am breaking the parts of the socks down into evening jobs so I can get them done prior to his arrival.


I work today and will knit this evening. I wonder what will be done in the sewing room tonight.
Until the next time........................................

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