Thursday, November 10, 2016

Renovations and Sewing

It is hard to believe it is November with the lovely warm weather we have had. The warmest was Tuesday with a high of 21.5C or 71F.


I am on day 2 of three days off. Day 1 was a busy day as we got our new exterior doors installed.
We turned off the heat as the door opening looked like this for several hour in the morning while it was raining. The house is completely aired out now.
The door is installed and there is lots of outside air. The person who installed the door spent a lot of time making sure it closes with a finger.
Done and ready for the handle which was put on in the dark. The back door is at the same stage and we love it.
These door certainly brighten up the two entry ways.
Inside renovations will begin as soon as the young fellow we hired can get here. We start with the bathroom and the vanities are ordered.
We need to order tub, toilet, tile and taps. Paint colour will be gray.


I made the 10 Minute Table Runner using this tutorial. There is no use reinventing the wheel when I found the tutorial was very well done.
I took my time doing the points and top stitched them in place.
I started the doll's lambskin fleece jacket and have to take out the sleeve. Put it in the wrong armhole and as this fleece has a right and wrong side, it is noticeable. Hope it is done today.
The pattern for the lobster bibs is made. After much hunting, I found the pattern at Embroidery Library. The tutorial on how to tape it together is here. I rounded the corners off at the bottom by measuring up and across the square ends 3" and then using a plate as a template.
I had to retape the pattern to make sure it was 17" across (it was 1/2" narrow). I am now ready to make 8 lobster bibs.


The first sock has 4 rows left to knit on the leg and I can start the second sock. I like to knit each section of the sock at the same time. It works for me.
I found this cute cowl to crochet for the dolls.
I made the same cowl for Daughter-in-Law and was delighted to find this pattern. I have the yarn in the stash and it will become a part of the Doll SWAP.


I am off to the doctor's and then will be working at home for part of the day and then out to do a few other things for part of the day.
Until the next time..............................

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