Monday, July 02, 2018

The Town Crier

The weather has been everything from rainy (1.25" in less than 5 hours) to hot and humid. We have seen it all in the past few days. This morning we woke to fog and 12C. Perfect I said. 


The garden is growing quickly and we see the results every couple of days. The tomato plants have blooms on them, the potato plants will be blooming soon and you can see how big everything else is getting. We will be eating beets in less than two weeks. 
With yesterday being Canada Day, we spent the day with family. Lunch and then going to the parade in Hantsport. We decided whether to go but went because it was cloudy. The sun shone for the parade and clouded up after we left. 
The town crier started the parade wishing everyone a Happy Canada Day. He and other dignitaries walked the route which took them about 40 minutes. I am sure he was hot and deserving of a cold drink when he completed the route (we were at the end of the route.) Windsor, the town near us, has a town crier who has held the position for 40 years. He announces many important going ons in the community and around the world to the people. Really interesting as it has been happening for decades in parts of Nova Scotia. 
Many of the floats were from the towns and businesses around the area. There were two floats with water guns and a couple of water fights ensued, one not far from us. 
There were water balloons thrown by a group of spectators at this float causing a lot of laughing. 
After we got home, Daughter-in-law and I filled water balloons and had a water fight with Grandson. We had a great time throwing balloons at each other. 
Supper was BBQ kebobs, veggies, and ice cream. A great end to a wonderful day. 


I got the doll's dress done. The pattern is beautifully drafted and fits Laura to perfection. 
I decided to put some left over rick rack at the bottom of the skirt. I left it at that. I have a hat cut out except for the interfacing. The hat will be trimmed with rick rack and I will need to find small flowers to put on the hat. There is still enough fabric left over to make something else. A top of some sort I'm thinking. 


I have been working on the sweater from the twin set. I am thrilled with the beading pattern I chose from a picture. 
For this sweater I chose to do the V design on the front only. 
I am hoping to progress to the sleeves the next time. This is a one step at a time using up the extra yarn project. I am deciding if it will be long sleeved or if I will leave it short sleeved and do the cardigan. We will see what is involved. 
This week I want to cast on a new bolero pattern that will go with the dress and hat in the left over shirt material (pictured above). 


AKA - doll clothes for sale

I am slowly figuring out what I want to sell in the doll clothes world. It has been a long process that has been driving me crazy. As I get a successful outfit, I will be putting it aside for my shop. 
I know that I want to knit and create items that are different from others. I also want to sew and knit for both Gotz and AG dolls. So, I continue to look at what patterns work for me and build on them. I will continue to try different patterns and see if they will meet my standards for items for sale. For knitting, I have ideas for the twin set plus I will be trying different patterns to see if they meet my expectations. If so, they will be used with sewing patterns I have on hand. 


The main job is to vacuum and then sew. I do have to do laundry over the course of the day. 
Until the next time..........................

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