Monday, July 30, 2018

Heat = Great Garden

We have had a good streak of hot dry weather and this morning it rained. The 3/8" that fell yesterday morning was lovely but it didn't cool off as much as we had hoped for. So we get hot and muggy yesterday and hot again today. 


With so much heat, I have stayed inside most of the time. Outside is pretty much walking around the yard and looking at the garden. Once things get ready, it will be harvesting for 5 people. We cannot wait. 
The Spousal Unit got his sign on the baby barn (shed) and it certainly is perfect.
The garden is growing rapidly. We are going to have a lot of vegetables to share with family in a couple of weeks. 

I dug around with my hand and have found baby potatoes. We will be having them soon for dinner. 


I starched the sleeves on the doll's t-shirt and let them dry. I then ironed fusible knit stabilizer (3/8" wide) onto the hem prior to hemming them. It sewed perfectly so I am grateful to my doll friends for their suggestions. The sleeves are in the body and the body is starched ready to finish. For the next one, I will starch it prior to sewing and leave it sit overnight to dry. I will use the narrow strips of interfacing on the hems and neckline for further stabilization. 
On one of the groups I belong to, there is a Sweetgrass Style Join Along (JAL). There are a lot of ideas being posted to get the juices going. There is no actual sweetgrass style but the idea is country and western, country chic, boho, etc. My idea is going to be based on this. 
And a doll's outfit inspiration is this one.
As this for Anna and Laura, I will use this dress pattern worn by Anna.
I need to look in the stash to see what I have. No use buying when I can use the stash. 
The jacket will be a chambray in dark navy. If I am brave, I will put pewter buttons on the shirt. Boots will be brown cowboy boots, brown belt, necklace a horse pendant, and a hobo bag. If I have time, I can make a turquoise necklace if the dress is white or some other pastel color. Ideas are floating. I may try to make two of these outfits as this join along does end until Sept. 30. But before I can do these, I have to sew a dress as part of my pattern testing. A cute one is all I can say. 

This Week

I need to shop out of town and start sewing every day. The weather forecast is for more hot weather so I need to buckle down sew in the a/c basement. I also need to knit in the evenings which will be harder to do. 
Until the next time.............................

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