Saturday, July 21, 2018

Found -- Raspberries

With the weather being warm and humid, we look forward to the rain we got today. It didn't cool off as expected which we really need. Instead it is warm and humid. 


Yesterday we left for New Minas to get some groceries and then to get a prime rib roast from a wonderful and very old butcher shop in Canning. On route, we deviated and found a U-Pick raspberry place. 

With the wonderfully warm weather, our plants are doing so well. We grew these lilies in pots and loved their look. Unfortunately, they don't last long. 
With the hot weather and no energy to do much, I have spent some time moving around the paint swatches and have come to the conclusion that grey is not the color to paint the walls in this house. The wood in this house is the wrong color for grey. I have decided to try something that is more on a darker white. 
Alpaca is a lovely soft light beige with a bit of grey in it. I could be a bit dark but I am willing to hang paint chips of it in the house. 
Soft Focus is a bit more yellow than I want but am still willing to try it on the wall. 
And, lastly, I want to see how Alabaster and Pearly White look in this house. 
Whatever the color, I would like to start either in the guest room (small). It won't happen until after we have company in September. At least I have a plan for that room. I put the inspiration pieces and paint colors into a picture.
The vases were given to my parents for their wedding in 1945 and the cross stitch picture I made for my mom back in the early 1990's. The conch shell was my grandmothers. I love the color of blankets that I will put on the bottom of the bed and hope to find fabric with navy, pink, and blue in it for a dresser scarf (quilted of course). I just need to buy a bed skirt and curtains or blind and it will be done. 


I am still hand sewing on the last item for the test and it has been slow going. My hands swelled up and I couldn't do it for a couple of days. I am almost done it and it will be kept as what not to do with velveteen. I will make it again in August/September knowing what I need to do to keep the velveteen from fraying. 


No knitting done for the same reason -- too warm and my hands swollen. 


We are getting ready to celebrate the Spousal Unit's birthday dinner tomorrow night. 
Until the next time...................

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