Monday, July 16, 2018

Exploring Fort Edward

It has been warm and humid and we have been feeling it. Even the nights are warm and we aren't sleeping as well as we should be. 


I spent two weeks at the pool while grandson had swimming lessons. We also had him sleep over for two nights. We are learning how to deal with his highs and lows and I think we were successful. 
On Friday afternoon we decided to be out and about Windsor. We did a geocache at the library. Great cache. We went to Fort Edward for another cache and we enjoyed this historic site. 
This blockhouse was built in 1750 and was an important landmark during the time the English removed the Acadians from the area. It is the only blockhouse remaining in Nova Scotia and maybe in Canada. 
There are four signs on the grounds which were interesting reads. 
The grounds are still in the same shape as they were originally but the fences are not there as well as any other buildings. 
We looked at the canons and they were interesting. 
And the last bit of information. 
We did start another geocache but ran out of time. We will do it next week. This week grandson is doing a workshop at the library. 


I can finally show you the first test pattern I sewed. It has been published here.
It was a good sew and I do like the top. I am thinking of making the pant legs narrower the next time to make it more modern rather than 1970's. Just a personal choice. 
I am working on testing a three piece outfit for another designer and hope I can show it next month. I am ready to cut out the third piece. 
I have traced the pattern for my t-shirt, laundered the fabric and it will be on the table next. I really am looking forward to sewing a simple t-shirt in a human size. 


I am slowly knitting the sleeves on the beaded sweater. It has been too humid for me to get a lot done even in the evening. 
My next project is a bolero to go with the check dress. I would like to knit it this month so may move my knitting to the basement where it is cooler. 
I am also lining up to knit this cute top. 
I want to downsize it to fit the dolls. I also need to find the blue yarn but I want it in a nicer blue. The buttons will be from the stash and may be pewter colored. These seem to be black and white which goes with the lamb. I will use this graph for the lamb.
I also want to start a scarf for myself. It is to go with my future wardrobe. I need to knit human items also. 


My goal is to tidy up the dining area, sew, and grocery shop. I am back to cleaning house as it is time to do more of a deeper clean. I try to do that once a month to 6 weeks. 
Until the next time.........................

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  1. Interesting bit of history for which I just completed some Google searching and map reading for more information. Thank you for including the pictures. And, of course, I think the sewing-for-dolls is such fun to see. How wonderful!