Saturday, July 07, 2018

A Good Rain To Cool The Air

We have had extremely hot weather since the end of June. With the humidex, we saw it 41C two days in a row. It was brutal to say the least. Yesterday was cooler and mid afternoon, it rained just about 1/4" in less than 30 minutes.
By the time the rain stopped, it had rained just over 1/4". 


With all the heat, we retired to the basement with the a/c on. We were able to survive but sleeping at nights was hard.  We survived it and will survive it again. 
I spent the week with grandson and daughter-in-law at the pool while grandson had swimming lessons. I am learning his routine and eating while he has lessons. 
The garden is growing rapidly. The potatoes are coming into bloom, tomato blooms are setting and tiny grape tomatoes are now visible. Beans will soon bloom and the cucumber plants are doubling in size. The watermelon plant is ready to take off also. Cauliflower plants are slower but I am sure they will take off soon. Onions and leeks have stopped growing up and are getting larger under the ground as are the beets. The carrots are also doing well. In all, we will have lots of vegetables to eat in the coming months. 


I cut out and sewed a hat for the dolls. This little outfit is coming along nicely.
I didn't have flower for the side of the hat so I sewed a button on. I may have some gathered lace left to make a circle to go around the button. Once I get what I want, I will trim back the rick rack. 
While sitting at the pool, I am picking apart children's underwear to make doll underwear. I keep the elastic to reuse on the doll's as I can't buy nice elastic locally. I made the first pair of underwear and the front fits nicely. 
The back is too high on the doll and the side seams need to be 3/8" rather than 1/4". 
I have adapted the pattern to make the next pair. They are yellow. 
I have another pattern to test and will be starting it today. I got the fabric for part of it yesterday and will be holing up to do pleats. Only 15 of them and the instructions are well written. 
I have also traced a t-shirt pattern for myself and will work on it when I have time. The test pattern is my July project and may end up being something more than that. 


I finished the body of the doll's sweater and love how it turned out. 
I am now knitting the sleeves which will be long length. Last night was a tough knit as I had a headache from the thunder storm. I finally gave up. Maybe I will succeed in getting the rhythm tonight. 


After a bit of laundry and house cleaning, I am going to sew on July's tester project. I need to get started on it. 
Until the next time.............................

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  1. Love the doll’s outfit. What about making a ric rac flower for the hat? See this link for how: