Saturday, July 28, 2018

Drat That Fabric

We are still having warmer than we like weather. This morning is cooler with a lovely cool breeze coming in the windows. It is nice to have the windows open and the a/c off all night. We now brace ourselves for another warm day. 


My weight is coming off and I'm now down 17.1 lbs. I am finding that I have more energy and do quite a bit more in the house. 
We cleaned up under the stairs on Thursday. Almost everything came out and we found some floor tiles, hardwood and laminate flooring. We set the paint cans to the side and put everything back in as it is all to be in there. The door is left open to keep the humidity down (we have a big humidifier/air exchange system in this house. 
We have the paint in the vehicle to go to the paint depot today. The colors in this house are Teepee brown (upstairs) and some darker color with desert in it (downstairs). It is not what the house will be painted as we find it too yellow and too dark. 
Daughter-in-law and I made a hasty trip to Ikea Thursday night and I saw these candle sticks on display. I need to go back and get them. 
And possibly the three tier class dish behind it. Ideas are rolling in my head. 
Yesterday we headed into Halifax as grandson had to see the doctor for his check up. He is in the good category with his diabetes and is in the normal range for height and weight. 


I cut out the t-shirts for myself and the dolls. I used scrap fabric to play with the fabric and the stitches. 
I was really happy with the sample I did. When I sewed the first doll t-shirt, the thing stretched out considerable when I did the neckline. You could see it grow as I sewed. I played with ideas and finally trashed it. Another one was cut out and I used 3/8" strips of fusible knit interfacing on the shoulders and neckline. Much better results and I am now ready to work on the sleeves. I want to do some fix ups on this pattern which will include a neck band to help the neckline's look. 
I am hoping my t-shirt will sew up with fewer issues due to the 5/8" seam allowances. I am going to put strips of interfacing on a lot of the seams that stretch out of shape. In the midst of all this, I still like the fabric even though there was no label stating fibre content. I got it on a good sale and have 4 meters of it; 2.5 meters still in the stash. The rest of my t-shirt fabric is cotton. 


No knitting done as I am usually tired in the evening due to the heat. I am going to have to try and knit a few rows each evening even if it is only 2 to 3 rounds. 


We are taking the paint to the depot and then home to do a bit of laundry and housework. I want to sew some this afternoon. On Monday I have to cut out another pattern to test. Looking forward to this one as it is really cute looking.
Until the next time..................... 

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