Sunday, June 05, 2016

The Garden is Flourishing

It was quite warm yesterday. The high got to 32C or 90F. Today is suppose to be warmer ~ 36C or 97F.


I took a quick walk around the backyard yesterday looking at the vegetable plants. They are growing by leaps and bounds.
The English long cucumber plants are doing well. One plant has three small cucumbers on it.
The slicer cucumbers have doubled their size in the past three days. A few blooms were spotted.
The carrots and beets are flourishing.
And the potato plants. We usually eat new potatoes on the Spousal Units birthday but his birthday is in July not June. We could be robbing new potatoes for dinner on July 1, if not earlier.
Though the garden is 1/4 the size of our previous garden, this garden is going to give us a lot of fresh veggies to eat this summer.


I work today and then get tomorrow off.
Until the next time........................

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