Friday, June 10, 2016

Checking In

We have had it quite warm until this morning. A shower has gone through and it is quite cool. It is suppose to be cool for the next several days. I will enjoy that for a few days.


I have been busy at work and getting home and resting in the evenings. We are on the go getting ready for inventory. It is a lot of work and everyone is pulling together to get it done.
Elliott was to the vet yesterday for a check up. His weight has been bothering me as he seemed heavier than before. The answer was YES he is fat and had gained weight. He logged in at 21 pounds.
The vet has put him on a diet and he is not happy. He is whining about the new food and has only eaten about 1/2 cup in the past 20 hours. He will get over it as we aren't offering him anything else. Weigh in day is July 9.


I bought the rest of the fabric to make another reusable grocery bag or a bag that can be used to carry items to picnics, the beach, farmer's market, etc. The original design is from this blog post by Sew Mama Sew. I am on her blog all the time looking for ideas. I do adapt some of them which I will be doing with this bag.
The feature fabric I have chosen has red maple leaves on it. That will become the pocket fabric. The bag itself will be a solid red cotton.
I am changing up the size of the bag to be larger and I will square off the bottom so it is more like the reusable grocery bags I make.
I will be doing a tutorial on this bag making reference to the original post where necessary.


I work an 8 hour shift and will be busy at work.
Until the next time..........................

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