Thursday, June 02, 2016

Napkins Are Sewn

Yesterday was a lovely warm day and it is suppose to be warm again today. It is the start of a hot spell in our neck of the woods.


Life has been busy. The Spousal Unit just finished a long list of appointments of which I had to drive him to. So far this week, I had to take him to three appointments. He got his immune booster yesterday and is feeling quite bright this morning. In other words, he wants to work outside and suggested painting the fence. No was the answer he got.


I spent some time in the sewing room yesterday. In actual fact, I was in and out of the room several times.
I finished up a doll's jacket that needed closures on it. I glued Velcro pieces onto it. I need to sew snaps onto one more top and I will have three outfits done.
I moved my attention to making four napkins. I spent time cutting and pinning three of them and then sewed the hems. I am thrilled with the results and have done a tutorial on them.
The underside looks like this. I do love the mitered corners.
Next on the list is the table topper. I need to rip the fabric and then cut it down to size. Once that is done, I can do the hems, mitered corners and top stitch. One store project will be done and I can start the next one. Well, two. One is a reusable grocery bag and the other is a doll's dress with a lace overlay.


I work the late shift so have a couple of hours this morning to do a few things. I do have to go and get a prescription filled first and then hope to finish sweeping floors. By then, I will have to go to work. I get home around 9:30 p.m.
Until the next time...............................

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