Monday, June 20, 2016

Mid Summer Thoughts

  • It is suppose to be the longest day of the year and we have had cooler weather than normal.
  • The higher spots had frost a couple of days ago and some areas had snow.
  • We headed out yesterday to visit friends and wore our coats outside to look at their yard.
  • They have almost finished the upstairs of the house they bought. It looks fresh and crisp.
  • The colours they chose are exactly what I had envisioned for our house. We are copying some of it, especially the paint colours.
  • My renovation juices are flowing and I have ideas of how I want the rooms to look. I need to be patient though.
  • While the men talked renovations, we ladies talked about sewing. That was fun.
  • The next sewing projects are planned; pyjamas for the dolls and a few other simple craft items like pillow cases and a bed throw for the guest room.
  • This week is wonderful as there are no doctor appointments.
  • We are recovering from our tenant having a 24 hour party Friday-Saturday. He is within an inch of being evicted. We are within our rights to do that.
I work today so I had better post this and get ready to go.
Until the next time...................................

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