Friday, June 24, 2016

More Doll Clothes Completed

Yesterday we woke to it raining and sat outside listening to it. It did clear off and was a lovely 26C or 79F.  This morning is damp again, though we had less rain than yesterday. It is suppose to be cooler. The weather people are calling for it to get hot again.


Yesterday was a day off so I started cleaning up the guest room. The floor is 75% washed and had a lovely layer of dust on it. I did it on my hands and knees so it would be really clean.
While in the room, I started to sort through the Christmas fabrics once again. I have 2 huge bags to go to a friend who will give them to quilting guilds. I have one banker's box left of mixed fabrics. There is some Christmas fabric in the mix.
I still have one more half day to finish up the room as I need to sort and organize a bit more, launder the bedding, and finish washing the floor. But, I am happy with the results so far.


I spent the other half of the day sewing for the 18" doll. I sewed an apron for her and she looks like she could cut fabric at a fabric store on July 1 (Canada Day).
The apron was quite simple to sew. Next came the hat which was a bit more difficult but not so hard it wasn't fun to make.
Lastly, I made the tote bag which was the most time consuming of all the pieces. It has a piece of fabric folded into pockets on the front which was very fiddly to work with. But, in all it turned out well.
 I sewed the last large piece of the maple leaf fabric into a table cloth so she can have a picnic or cover a table. It is folded up and in the bag.
In all, I am happy with the results and she will be in our Sew Canadian display at the store.
I will be making more of these items when I can. I have some fabric which will be perfect for aprons, hats, and bags.


We have to grocery shop and then I work the late shift at the store. I do hope to get a lot of number work done on fabrics today/night.
Until the next time............................

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