Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Table Topper, Runner, and Napkins

Some time ago I started the Christmas Once a Month thread. Life intervened or shall we say the Spousal Unit was sick and I stopped doing an item a month. I will be doing more on this as time permits.


22" by the width of the fabric will make 2 napkins.
45" by the width of the fabric will make a table topper.
20" by the width of the fabric for a table runner.
The fabric I chose is not quilting cotton but a lovely cotton that is in the garment fabric.
I had the fabric ripped but am not sure if it is necessary. I washed the fabric to remove any sizing and to shrink it as it is 100% cotton.


I cut two 22" by width of the fabric into four napkins and then spent a lot of time making sure each piece was 20.75" square. That gave me the least amount of waste. The finished size is 17" square which is almost a dinner size napkin.

Sewing Steps

I machine basted 3/8" from the raw edge.
Fold to the wrong side and press well. Do not unfold this piece when doing the next step.
Fold a second time so the hem is 1.25" in depth. Pin and press well.
Unfold and remove the basting thread. Once that is done, I carefully folded down the ends to form a triangle. The hem fold had to line up so I had the same measurements down each side.
I lightly pressed and then drew a line across the base of the triangle on the wrong side.
Fold the triangle in half making sure the half way part is where the two 3/8" hems meet and it is lined up. Line up the line and sew. I started and ended with a short stitch length.
Cut the fabric off 3/8" from the stitch line.
Clip the fold almost to the stitch line.  
Press the seam open with your finger.
Turn to the right side out.
Take your time and get a nice sharp point at each corner. Fold down the hem, pin in place, and press well. Using a longer stitch, stitch close to the edge having a long thread at the beginning and end. I tried to have the needle down on the seam at each corner. Tie the long threads and snip.
 I am pleased with the stitching on the napkins.
I folded the napkins into fourths to take pictures. 

Table Topper

I cut the fabric to be 44" and then cut it down to be a 42.5" square. When finished, the table topper is 38.75" square.
I followed the same procedure as the napkins so the topper has mitered corners. When I folded the hem, I used a 1.5 inch hem rather than a 1.25 inch hem.

Table Runner

As I had enough fabric, I was able to make a table runner.
Fabric size - 20 x 43". The finished size - 16.25 x 39.25"
I followed the table topper and did a 1.5" hem.
I certainly would make these in Christmas fabrics. I am thinking how I can do the hem part in a different colour or pattern.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I will add a picture when it is in my friend's house.

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  1. I just don't know how you get so much done! I have decided that I am ADD to a degree, as I have so many projects in progress and none finished. All of the ones you have planned look very interesting too...hmmm. I better have a year of getting things done!