Saturday, June 04, 2016

Table Runner Completed

We are starting our warm spell. Yesterday the high got to 27.5C or 81.5F. Today is suppose to be warmer. The nice thing is that the nights are still cool and windows can be opened up to keep the house full of fresh air.


I start day 3 of 4 days at work. I am learning a lot and am enjoying most of it.
The Spousal Unit continues to feel better each day. He rests during the heat of the afternoon. Yesterday morning, he mowed the lawns.
Elliott has been enjoying the mornings as we have had the front door open. His favourite morning spot.


As I worked late yesterday, I spent some time working on a simple table runner. Rather than quilt it, I focused on doing mitred corners on the hem.
I just have the table topper to make and that project will be completed.


I work a full day shift so much won't be happening at home.
Until the next time.........................

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  1. Your mitred corners are beautiful: So neat and professional.