Friday, March 10, 2017

Tired With A Dose of Exhaustion

Once again we have had a couple of inches of snow. On Wednesday it snowed 2-3" in less than 2 hours and then the sun shone. Yesterday it started to snow in the late afternoon and quit sometime during the night. There is about 2" on the ground from that snowfall. By Monday it is suppose to be near 16C or 61F. I guess it could be March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.


I have been very tired so am getting blood work done today to see if I need a stronger medication for my thyroid. The six week wait period is now 12+ weeks. It is annoying that 8 months ago the dosage was decreased and it will probably go up again. On the up side, I will feel better and start to function like a normal human being. I am tired of pushing myself to do things every day.
Yesterday I cleaned the house up and got half of the floors washed. The guest bed is set up ready to make and to bring up the items that belong in that room. I found the knick knacks that go on the fireplace mantle and it is all set up. A couple of items went on end tables. Though still minimal looking, it looks more homey as said by the Spousal Unit. After that was done, I slept for over an hour but know the laundry is done and the house is clean for this week.
Elliott has been enjoying the fireplace and his new rug. He spends most evenings sleeping before the fire.


I haven't sewn a stitch and am going to try and work on a jacket today. It is a store project and needs to be done in the next week. With no energy, I haven't tackled it even though it is an easier pattern. Once it is done, I will start sewing some Christmas presents and outfits for the dolls.
I did buy some fabric and a pattern for the dolls. The first outfit to be done is an Easter dress using the pattern I bought. It will be a retro dress with a swing jacket. I will also make a necklace for the outfit.


The Spousal Unit has to go for IV immune therapy, I go for blood work. Then I will shop, come home and start on the jacket. I want to trace the pattern and get it cut out. Then I can sew it up as I am off earlier this week.
Until the next time................................

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