Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ideas In My Head

It snowed again yesterday for 4 to 5 hours. Not a lot of snow but it snowed. The temperature this morning is almost the same as the high was yesterday. Hopefully we will see warmer temperatures this week. People are ready for a change, me included.


I was tired yesterday. Very tired. I pushed myself at work all day. I am about 75% done in redoing the signs in the store. It isn't a hard job but it does take a lot of time. It is also a dirty job and my hands are black at the end of the day from the pen I use.
At home I am keeping the house looking tidy and then am collapsing on the couch for the evening. It sucks to be exhausted all the time. I fall asleep reading and watching TV.


Yesterday I bought a meter of fabric to make Daughter a square scarf (called a cowboy rag). I have two to make for her now; same fabric/pattern but different colours. I cut them into a square and do a rolled hem on the serger and they are done. Easy Christmas gifts. I found the fabric in the clearance section. They will be done when I finish the jacket.
Once done the jacket, I plan on doing some easy sewing. The two scarves, a couple of reusable grocery bags, the lobster bibs, and then onto the doll's Easter dress.
My plan is to do a project and then do a couple of easy projects. I want to sew up some of the fabric I bought and get them ready to gift or to use in the house. Most are easy items and will be fun to make.
I want to do a fun session with another friend on jewelry making. One idea is to make a bracelet using larger beads, a bit of chain and a different clasp.


I am at work and will probably crash tonight when I get home. That is how life is right now.
Until the next time......................

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