Saturday, March 04, 2017

Staging The House

It was warmer yesterday with a high of 13C or 56F. It was really nice when I had to go out and do a few things. It did rain last evening which was called for. The hills got snow which happens at this time of the year.


Yesterday was set up the living room and it got done except for the knick knacks. I swept and washed every inch of the floor with the mop. It still had dust showing on it from the renovations. I also cleaned out a heat vent as it had a pile of drywall dust in it. Once that was done, I cleaned furniture and set up the living room. Though sparse compared to some homes, we love it.
The mat is for Elliott and he loves it. I also cover the coffee table under the window as Elliott sits on it to look out the window. He has always looked out a window since he was a year old. 
The couch and loveseat are too heavy for the room and are being replaced with these chairs.
Two chairs in grey fabric

Two recliners in a lighter grey fabric
We have done chairs before and love to sit in recliners.
I need to find the knick knacks and put them out. Most go on the mantle and a couple will go on the end tables. What I can't use, will go to the thrift shop. 
After the living room was done, I cleaned the kitchen and dining area. This area of the house is now clean and tidy. Onto the bedrooms which includes my sewing room. Next days off I will be tackling them.
I had heard that houses in our community have been selling fast and the house three doors down from us sold in 3 days. That was a surprise as we knew a house was going on the market but no sign appeared until it had sold on it.


I didn't have a chance to sew on these days off. But, I can think about what to do with my possessions in the basement that could, should, and won't go back into that room. I have to clear out the items in the closet that needs to reside elsewhere in the house (or leave the house) and then tackle what needs to go in the closet. A big job but it needs to be done.
I saw/found a new pattern for place mats in a flyer and need to see if I can get the pattern locally. If not, I will order it from the store I got the flyer from.
As soon as I saw it I knew I would use this pattern to make Christmas place mats and they would be great for the lobster fabric I have for Son and family. Other ideas are floating in my head for gifts for family and ourselves.


I am back to work today and will be on the floor for the next 5 days. I have to finish the notions order and then do signs until they are all updated.
Until the next time..........................

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  1. I love that placemat, and will try to make some in that style for myself. I use placemats every day in my kitchen and sometimes in the dining room too on top of a plain tablecloth. The old table is to worn to be used without a table cloth, so I just use both! :-D I have tons of fabric in prints purchsed just for placemats to use.