Friday, March 03, 2017

A Good Check-up

Is spring coming? Yesterday was warmer and sunny though we saw very little of it. Today is suppose to be just as nice. Let's hope as we are craving the warmer weather.


Yesterday was check up day for the Spousal Unit. We left early in the morning and drove carefully down to the cancer clinic in Kelowna. There were wet roads, snow, and fog. The day was cool and cloudy.
We had a couple of hours to shop and we headed into a furniture store we like. After a good look, we bought 4 new chairs; 2 chairs and 2 recliners. We are happy with our choice and all are Canadian made.
The appointment with the oncologist was late and there was a 3rd year student doing the exam. Then the oncologist came in and after doing his exam, there was a hands on lesson to find the Spousal Unit's spleen. Not found as it is tiny but it made for a good lesson on examination techniques.
We got home to Elliott sitting in the window waiting for us. He was happy to have us home and after eating he cuddled with both of us before he decided to attack when his blanket was adjusted. Back to his normal self.


The tower of drawers is back in the sewing room and it looks great in its old spot. We have to take out some living/dining room items before any more can be put into the sewing room. That could happen today.
While shopping, we headed to the bookstore and I got two books on beading. One is a workbook and the other is for the absolute beginner. I will be learning from a co-worker a few more techniques and then will be using these books to help me out. I am looking forward learning something new. And the dolls will like jewelry for their outfits.


Housework and grocery shopping today with no sewing. I am okay with that as we will be moving furniture into the living room to make it more comfortable for us. We are both happy to be doing this job.
Until the next time.......................

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