Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Puckered Sleeve

It is clear and -2C this morning. Yesterday it got to 15C or 55F. Too nice to be inside but inside I was.


With the nice weather, I got the desire to be outside. It would be so nice to sit in the sunshine and absorb the minute amount of Vitamin D it would give you. There is nothing to do outside for another couple of weeks and then it will hit us and yard work will need to be done.
I have two shamrock plants in the house to put out into pots. Elliott has trimmed them both. One I thought was dead but it is growing leaves again. The other one will have no leaves in a couple of days. He loves to eat live green things and will be sneaking outside soon to eat green grass.
I am starting to move our things upstairs. Every time I go into the basement, I have to bring up something. Yesterday it was 2 suitcases and the Spousal Unit's cowboy hats. I am trying to empty one room at a time so I can clean it up and close the door. I am thinking we may rent it out once it is cleaned up.


The jacket was finished until I noticed one sleeve looked funny. The lining was too short and was pulling the outer fabric up to the inside of the sleeve.
The sleeve lining is hand sewn into the sleeve cap and the first side fit perfectly. This side gave me grief and I had to undo the sleeve cap and repin it back in.
There is a good 30 minutes of hand sewing to finish the jacket. I am planning on adding a hook and eye to the front to keep it closed.
Next up is to sew the doll's Easter dress and then aprons for the doll and an adult. After that some sewing for Christmas gifts.


I work and have the weekly books to do. Though I am still tired, I am pacing myself so I don't come home exhausted. I am not doing much at night; reading and watching TV.
Until the next time....................

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