Friday, March 31, 2017

Butterick 6468 - Retro Doll Dress and Apron

Is spring going to come this year? We keep wondering as there have been few warm days this month. Frost again this morning. The Val D' Or lilies are stating to show green but the tips of the leaves have frost bite.


Work has been busy and then at home I have been thinking for down the road. My reading of novels stopped as I started to read Craft Business Power to see where I want to take my doll clothes. Even if I only do 50% of what they suggest, this is kicking my brain into active mode rather than passive mode. I have noticed that my mind is not being active at all; I have been just rolling along.


I did some sewing yesterday and worked on Butterick 6468.
I made the dress and I think it is ugly. I needed it to showcase the apron.
The dress is made out of cotton sateen and sewed up very nicely. There is a front piece, front facing and two back pieces. I did no altering at all as this dress as it isn't even a style ladies wore in that era. Most dresses were fitted with the dress opening in the front. I don't think this dress will ever be made again.
The apron is much cuter and is ready to put the second pocket on.
The goal was to complete this today. I do love the pattern on this fabric. And, the style is more correct to the era.

I have been making some loose decisions on making doll clothes. I want to have my decisions firmed up and some of my ideas done by the time I decide to retire from the store.
  • To take the doll clothing course from Craftsy. Joan Hinds is a well respected person and I can learn the basics from her.
  • Complete the Couture Sewing Academy by Pixie Faire. This course will help me do a neater job of the doll clothes I plan on making.
  • Sign up and take more courses through Pixie Faire. These will help me immensely when making doll clothes.
  • Decide on a brand -- it is floating around in my head. Make business cards to attach to the doll clothes I plan on selling.
  • Decide on what type of doll clothes I want to focus on during my time. Right now, I sew what ever to promote the patterns and fabric we sell at the store.
  • Have clothing that sells with and without accessories. I will buy the shoes but will make the socks, mitts, hats, underwear, and jewellery for specific outfits I have up my sleeve. That way, I will have a range of prices to sell to people.
 I guess you can say I want to sell unique and well made doll clothes that can have accessories included.


I am back at work for 3 days and then have a day off, work 2 and have a day off. I now have to work one late night for two weeks and then the third week I have no late nights. Not looking forward that but it has to happen.
Until the next time........................

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