Friday, March 17, 2017

McCalls 7332 - Jacket Begun

With the weather running the spectrum of snow, rain, sunshine and wind, the past week has been a transition from winter to spring (sort of).


Though I have been living in a fog, I have been busy trying to get things done and resting between jobs. I did get a wash stand up into the sewing room and the baskets holding notions put on top. Next will be the cutting table. Last is the ironing board.
The Spousal Unit has been enjoying the warm weather and has been working outside getting his shed cleaned up and left over renovation materials put away. We have to sell a bunch of canning jars and equipment in May. He has also cleaned up the backyard some but it is still too cold to do anything else.


I worked most of yesterday on the jacket for the store. I chose McCalls 7332 in a lightweight cotton.
This jacket is already in the store using 2 different drapery fabrics so my version was to use one fabric with no seam details on the body or sleeves.
The fabric is 100% cotton with a embroidered edge along one selvedge edge. I lined it with bemburg lining to give it more body. It is a jacket to be worn during summer evenings.
When I washed the fabric prior to cutting it out, I added a colour catcher to the wash. So glad I did as it came out blue which would have run into the lovely embroidery.
When I traced the pattern, I taped all the cut pieces together so it would be seamless. As I was cutting out along the selvedge edge, I cut out two of each pattern piece. Laying out the pattern took a while as I wanted to make sure the pattern was the same all the way around.
The collar was a bit of a pain as the under collar is cut on the bias and the upper collar is on the straight of the grain. The under collar has interfacing added to it of which I used a fusible knit interfacing. Next time I would interface the upper collar when using a light weight fabric.

I have never added a lining like I did to this jacket. You sew in the lining and turn it through the arm holes. I edge stitched the lining as best I could so the lining would not roll to the right side. A lot of work.
The back has a center back seam and I wish now I had sewn it as one piece. I am not pleased with how the embroidery looks at the top. Grrrr.
The sleeves are ready to insert. The lining is attached at the hem and are pushed down so the garment fabric sleeve is attached to the coat and lining. Then the lining is pulled up, gathered and slip stitched into place. Another first for me. That is today's job. The jacket will get a good pressing and be taken in tomorrow.
I could make this jacket again in two solid colours for fall. It fits in with my lifestyle.
Next on the list is one doll's Easter dress. I will start it next week.
I have to grocery shop and finish the jacket. Laundry also needs to be done so it will be a busy day with resting when I get tired.
Until the next time..................

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